Exposition de photographies @ Château de Waroux
Jun 3 um 14 h 00 min – Jul 3 um 18 h 00 min

Didier Vanmollekot, photographe, et bien connu aussi des éleveurs et vétérinaires wallons chez lesquels, au volant de sa camionnette ‚Arsia‘, il s’arrête pour collecter quelques échantillons… expose ses très belles photos de nos campagnes et paysages, glanées sur la route, entre deux fermes… A ne pas rater !

Conférence: Tendances en gestion de la sécurité des aliments et actualités en microbiologie alimentaire @ Finance Tower complex, Pacheco room
Okt 13 – Okt 14 ganztägig

After the difficult Covid-19 period, we are very pleased to invite you to the Twenty-sixth edition of the Conference on Food Microbiology, organized by the Belgian Society for Food Microbiology vzw/aslb (BSFM).

This conference brings international speakers together with food microbiology laboratories, government representatives, participants from the food-processing industry and scientists from various Belgian research centers for a total of approximately 350 attendees. There are also foreign attendees.
This conference addresses food agencies, laboratories, primary producers, processing industries, food-related organizations and retail trade, as well as politicians and consumers who are interested in the quality and news about the food sector, food microbiology and particularly the food industry.

Conference language is especially Dutch and French with some additional presentations in English. There is simultaneous translation French/Dutch and Dutch/french.
The conference will take place in the Finance Tower complex in the Pacheco -conference room, Pachécolaan 13, 1000 Brussels, on October 13th & 14th 2022.

General Programme